I just realized that it's close to midnight..and I've been sick..and I need to rest up...plus I have to go to work tomorrow.

So...I'm gonna fold it up for the night....HOWEVER! I will be back...and I will be discussing friends.

Yep...it should be all kinds of exciting! :)

Watch this space!

P.S.! I have a new follower! Hi, Shannon!! I hope you aren't disappointed by what you find here! (and by the way....I like to swear too. *giggle*)

And I enjoy cupcakes an insane amount!

I'm ashamed.

I know...I disappeared again. I'm going to give a "brief" run-down of what's been going on in my life during my absence...then I'm going to blather about something that's been on my mind for a while...

One of my best friend's got married in New Orleans.  I went down the night before, and the whole wedding party stayed in this really nice home they rented for the night.  We had to be up hella early the next morning after partying all night to be fully dressed and made up on the cruise ship by 10:30. The bride was the only one allowed to get ready on the boat. I was stressing, but everything went smoothly.

First dance as Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lee <3
The wedding was beautiful. I cried...like I always do at weddings...but it seemed a little different this time...This was a day we had talked about for ages...we all new it would be an emotional event.

Her grandfather walked her down the aisle and from the second I saw them coming, I felt my eyes stinging. The groom cried when he saw her. She was stunning. Her dress was GORGEOUS!

We partied for a few hours, did the
Cupid Shuffle a couple of times, the Electric Slide, even got in a slow dance with the hot best man (even though he waited to ask me until I had changed into my jeans, tshirt, & neon pink chucks....he dug 'em. Hah!), then non-cruising guests had to get off the boat.

We departed and I hit the interstate headed to the camp. My first time at the Greer Homestead was so much fun! We hung out on the big front porch, drank a little (some of us a little more than others *cough cough* ), and listened to some good ol' music picked out by Catfish (guitar), JC (guitar), Boudreaux (washtub bass- yes! It was awesome!), & Ray (deer horns...Haha!). You can find some of it on YouTube if you look in the right place...My brother has the best laugh in the world. I love him.

Boudreaux, Ray & Catfish--Front Porch Gettin' It
I love all of my new little family! I can't wait to go back to the camp again. Next time for longer than one night... I can't wait until I get some more vacation time after the new year. I need to take some pictures around that place. There's bound to be some haunts floating around. It's been around since 1863....That's been a while for those of us that can't count...

I had a birthday during my absence. I'm 26...gawd...I'm like the crypt keeper!! My mom, grandma, and I went to eat at La Fiesta and I had a few margaritas...and a super-sized shot of Patron, courtesy of Hector... I love you Hector!

Even if you don't know what sopapilla means... *giggle*

There was an epic party held in my honor on the Saturday before my birthday. My new sweet little family was there...and that 17 year old from a previous party...I think it's decided he'd not be allowed back after this one...Though I swear I did not ask him anything inappropriate...In fact, I apologized profusely for my behavior the first time!

There was an inappropriate amount of licking & biting that went on...I woke up with bruises..and I'm not even sure WHY. I mean...I remember what happened, but not why....

Also...the people at said party now salute me for supporting our troops...yes...I'm classy like that...

My sister made me the most AWESOME cupcakes in the history of cupcakes!  See pictures below! Best birthday cupcakes EVAR!
Homemade purple icing!

Homemade teal guts!
Christmas came & went while I was away...I spent Christmas Eve night with my brother & his family. Watched Jake prepare a plate of cookies for Santa and then stayed awake until after midnight waiting for Santa to come and put out all the toys.

Ray woke me up early the next morning to tell me "Santa came! Santa came!" and that the grands were on their way down to wake the boys up to open presents. It was nice. Jake got a new rifle..and once he spotted it on the gun rack above his daddy's head...he was barely interested at all in the rest of his gifts.

Later in the day, I was invited to my sister-in-law's grandparents house for lunch. There was so much delicious food I thought I was going to die. Granny's dressing is the bomb-diggity! We hung out there forever just visiting. It was nice to not have people rushing to come in and eat and leave like it always is with our family get-togethers.

Moe & Boudreaux showed up and then we all went back to Ray & Cara's as has become our norm. This time, however, there wasn't an excess of drinking. In fact, I drank nothing alcoholic...and I'm not sure that anyone else did...maybe a couple of BL's...I dunno... No one got trashed. Sunday, Ray & Cara went shopping for a new TV and left the "kids" at home....all of us! During nap time, Boudreaux, Moe & I piled up in the floor and cuddled. Don't tell the others, but those kids are my favorites.

I finally came back home and called in sick the next day...because I really was...I'm trying to get better. I want to be well before New Year's Eve...just in case anything good gets to happen. I've been guzzling OJ. I've almost drank a whole bottle of Sunny D this afternoon...by myself...wow...

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I wish you all a Happy New Year!

...and stay tuned...

I'm about to start on the "other stuff" that's been on my mind. I just feel like it deserves it's own post.

Also...I haven't forgotten (even though it's well past day #30) that I haven't finished my 30 Days of Truth.

Have a less-than-stellar-after-the-ones-my-sister-made cupcake!


Part 2-More excellent life choices...

I sent my friend a couple of emails about my brief foray into internet dating...I decided since I'm lazy, I'm just going to copy them instead of trying to re-type all over again.  Don't hate me.
There's plenty of fish in the sea...

I decided to check out this “Plenty of Fish” website. I had heard a couple of people talking about it, and I was basically being nosey to see who all I knew on there. The only reason I created an account was because it gave me the option of “looking for: friendship”. I made certain that it showed on my profile that all I wanted was people to talk to/email.  It even said, “Kimmie is not looking for a relationship or dating.” So…I thought I was in the clear. Within an hour of creating my profile, I had like 5 messages, all from men over the age of 45. (O.o) I do not have a daddy-complex. Thank you. So I started to delete it, but instead I just decided to ignore those messages.

I didn’t check it for a couple of days because, like I said, I’m not looking for anything serious. I was just being nosey. When I did check it, though, I had a message from a guy in Winnsboro. He was all, “Hey. Can we chat?” So I’m all, “Sure, why not.” He asks if I have FB, and I give him my whole, “It’s private. I only add people I know.” Blah Blah Blah spiel. And he’s all, “That’s a shame. FB is an excellent way to get to know people. I only add people that I don’t know. Blah Blah Blah.” So I made sure that all of my personal information would be hidden, and I added him (against my better judgement…sign #1).

We chatted on FB for a little bit that night. He asked me what it was that I was looking for. I told him friends. I had just gotten out of a long serious relationship and I wasn’t ready for anything else. He said he understood, and continued to chit chat with me. After about 45 min or so, I told him I had to get to bed.

The next afternoon, I got on FB to catch up on what had been going on while I was at work, and he popped up wanting to chat, right away. (that SHOULD have been sign #2…I had JUST gotten on FB…like..within seconds.) So we chatted for a while. Just random crap going back and forth. At some point, he had sent me his cell phone number so I could text him, but I didn’t…until the weather knocked out the internet. So I texted him to let him know what had happened.  Then he called me. I started not to answer it, but I didn’t want to be rude.  So I answered and good GAWD he was a hick! (Sign #3) I’m talking, red-neck, backwoods, hillbilly hick. I was like, >.<.

We talked for a while, tho. He was funny. I like to laugh. He asked again what I was looking for (2nd time). I told him. He says, “That’s cool. We can hang out. Have fun. See where it goes. Blah blah blah.” And then he’s all, “So when are you coming over? Friday or Saturday?” I was like, “Uh…..huh?! No….I told you I don’t meet people all willy nilly.” Anyway…so after about 2 hours he starts getting all serious on me. And getting mad that I won’t come see him. And asks me again what it is I want…At that point, I’m getting annoyed and I’m like, “Did you not read my profile at all? It said I was not looking for dating or a relationship. I’m just looking for friends to talk to.” And he’s all, “Then why did you go on a dating site?!” He rambles for about 15 minutes about me being closed minded and just like all the other girls, and he thought I was gonna be different and blah blah blah.

Finally, he took a breath and I said, “Hey. I’m sorry that I have disappointed you. I was honest with you from the get go about what I was looking for and I’m sorry that you think we can’t have a platonic friendship. But I’m gonna say goodnight.” And I hung up.

As soon as I got off the phone with him, I deleted my PoF account, and by the time I made it to FB, he had already deleted me. Wow! Glad I got that out of my system! Right?!

There’s more…

Oh what a tangled web we weave...
There’s a website called MyYearbook (kinda like Facebook). I add people all willy nilly on there because FB is my “private” stuff…only people I know. However, I generally don’t add people who live close enough to be easily accessible. However…when I went to South LA a couple of weekends ago, I started messaging back and forth with a guy from V’burg. He was nice enough and he was just being friendly. Not all, “Hey! I want to get in your pants!” There was never any pressure to meet or anything, we were just chatting…so it was cool.

We messaged and texted for like 2 weeks before we ever talked on the phone. Well…during the course of all this, his mom had a heart attack and was in ICU for 2 days before she passed away. I felt horrible, but I also felt like it was the wrong circumstances to meet under. Ya know?

My cousin James convinced me that I should meet him, because, really…he couldn’t be any worse than the weirdos we encounter on a daily basis anyway. So…I told him the only way I would meet him was if he was gonna be in town, and he’d go with me. (As like…backup. Lol!)

Last Wednesday, Tammy convinced me to go to Jacque’s (a karaoke bar in V’burg) with her and she was meeting a guy from the interwebs, and kinda hinted that I should tell Kenneth that I was going and leave it up to him whether or not he wanted to come.

(Small backstory: He’s 28. He has 6 kids. 2 are adopted. One is “on the way”. But still…he’s one of the most normal seeming guys I’ve talked to recently from the internet.)

So…I told him. He asked if we could meet. I told him yes if he felt like it. I knew he probably needed to get out of the house and get his mind off his mom & such…I was trying to be nice. Even though I was nervous, and JAMES WAS IN WATERPROOF! I was like, “DAMMIT!”

He comes in…he’s not as tall as I thought he was. He sits down at the bar, and texts me to let me know he’s there and asks where I’m at. But he has his back to me. I’m of the mindset, at this point, rip the bandaid off…it hurts less. So I walk over. He’s NOT what I expected..and he’s HAIRY!!!!! Like a WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< He’s awkward and the conversation is weird at best, but I toughed it out, because Tammy had hit it off with her date, and I could tell she was having a good time.

He offered to buy me a drink, but I wouldn’t let him. He weirded me out. And luckily, Tammy realized that I was not having a good time, and her date had just left and she came over and was like, “I hate to be a party pooper, but we have work tomorrow…and it’s already 11.” I was like, “Oh! Gosh! Time flies! We better go!” So he walks out with us and I look over at him (now with us both standing) and I’m like…I thought you said you were 6’2”? You’re my height. He blames it on my heels. They are 2 ½” tall. LIAR! (I was thinking…I didn’t say it.)

I give him a hug. Tell him it was fun (LIAR!) and get in the car. Oh. Muh. Guh….

We don’t even make it all the way across the V’burg bridge before he texts me, “What u think?” (O.o) I didn’t respond until we got to Tallulah, because I didn’t want to lie to him, but I didn’t want to be mean either. I finally told him he was nice. He didn’t text me back for a while, so I thought he got the point….not so much. He texted me back. Just some blah blah blah stuff…so I texted him a little.

I so don’t want to be that person that disappears. (Because I know how it feels..) but at the same time…he really weirded me out…and I just can’t do that. He texted me the next day and I text him back for a little bit then told him it was crazy at work and I’d text him later. I didn’t talk to him for a couple of days, and then he texted me Sunday night…I ignored it. And I logged onto MyYearbook and saw that he had posted a picture…of his mother…dead….in a casket! So…I deleted his number from my phone and deleted my MyYearbook account.

Last night, mom & I were on the way to Monroe, and I got a text from a 601 area code, and I think it was him, but I wouldn’t respond…

I’ve turned into that person that disappears. It’s awful, but I’m kinda hoping he thinks I died.

Ahh....the single life... Lol!


Part 1

Psst...Guess who?! *waves*

I've no good excuse for my absence...so I'm just going to try to dive right in. I tried to jot down a few notes so I could make certain that I filled you all in on the juicy tidbits that have been my life for the last few weeks...I'm sure I'll forget something.  I'll try to even put everything in chronological order! Just. For. You. (Because I'm awesome. ^.^)

I've never been that drunk...
A few weekends ago, I went to a "party" at my brother's house. Party=gathering of drunken people.

(Small back story: I'm a very responsible drinker, generally. I tend to stop myself when my eyes start to lose focus...I just don't like the way it feels...and I'm usually long sober before the end of the night.)

Now...this is my first party since I've been single. I intended to get trashed (as I usually say I will, but don't) and have a good time. I usually drink tequila...it's my poison of choice...I can drink most men under the table on that shit. Girly drinks tend to kick my ass. This time, I settled for Smirnoff. "Chick beer" as Tina called it. To start out the night, however, my sister-in-law mixed up this green monster drink that always sneaks up on me. Rum being the main ingredient...Remember what I said about girly drinks? That went out the window.

We sat around by the fire for a bit (I had long enough to finish my girly drink) and all the guys wanted to play beer pong. I let them have beer pong, I played quarters with some Patron that we found in the cabinet from last year. Haha! My cousin had left it sitting outside with the lid off, and there were sticks and leaves in it...but we figured at this point that they were sanitized. Somehow (possibly because I dominated) I managed to get out of that game with only two shots of tequila...I'm thinking I should have shot it when I made it instead of picking someone else to. Not fair.

Cuz got a little rowdy at one point and knocked down a string of peppers hanging across the kitchen. One landed in the shot glass...upping the ante...we left it. That last shot....no one made it in for about 15 minutes...thus giving the pepper plenty of time to soak. Haha! I bet that was a spicy shot! Let's ask Day! I made him shoot it. ^.^

Eventually we all made it back out to the fire, got some music going, the alcohol was flowing, and I was getting toasty. (Never you mind that my toes were FROZEN.) Rum...is my Waterloo...I never noticed how drunk I was until I was allowing a boy to put his tongue in my ear... (EW!) and was doing nothing to stop it other than leaning away from him.

Followed by: asking a 17 year old how big his penis is (and explaining why I needed to know! {I did not know how old he was when I asked the question, FYI}), inhaling all the young boys because they were wearing sexah cologne, busting my ass when Day tried to help me kick my brother in the knee, busting my lip when Day elbowed my beer bottle (by accident?), grabbing Day's crotch when I tripped over his feet trying to get away from my brother (total accident!), thankfully keeping my mind (and declining) when I was asked if I "wanted to go" with tongue-in-ear boy (while his girlfriend was passed out inside on the couch), then having him cry on my shoulder about how he loves his girlfriend (but doesn't know how much), and almost ripping my panties off when he used the word "inept"...correctly...as trashed as he was. (SO HOT!)

At this point...it was nearly 5AM...I had stopped drinking (because I ran out of rum) and thought I was okay to drive home because I'd rather be laying in a ditch somewhere than deal with the drama that was about to go down between tongue-in-ear and the girlfriend....(I know...I'm so responsible.)

I woke up to the first hangover of my life...and made a vow (along with the rest of the attendees, from what I've heard) to never drink that much again. I thought I was going to die.

Stay tuned!


Tell me sweet little lies.

You don't believe that I'm ever coming back to tell you stories of my past, do you?

I'm soooo sorry. I should never have stopped writing. I should have made myself...even when I felt all bleh...

I'm going to pick up here, and I'll gradually tell you the stories I have.

For now...I'm procrastinating on packing for NOLA this weekend. I've made a list....I'm sure I'll still forget some things. I've been jumping around Facebook, making plans to go hang out with some awesome people after NOLA. I might even come home with more stories (that I'll hopefully tell in a timely fashion!) and perhaps some pictures to share!

I'm waiting on laundry to finish so that I can really start packing...you'd think that, one day, I would learn to not wait until the last minute....Perhaps....some day...

This post really sucks. I'm out of practice. Grr...

Apologies & Cupcakes, dolls!


These boots are made for walking...

I'm slacking...I should be sleeping...or blogging f'reals. I swear I'm working on it...

However...remember a while back I talked about my cousin and I? I was looking for a picture that I had of us from way back in the day... Found it!!!

Man! I had serious style!
^Kara & Kimmie^

Don't give up on me!


Where am I?

Wow...guys(or rather, gals)...I'm so sorry! I did not intend to disappear for so long! I just got a bit caught up in some things and boy do I have some stories to tell!!!

I just need to organize my thoughts a bit...Tonight, I hope I shall have a decent post....And gah! I gots to catch up on my days of truth.  Sheebus!

Did you even notice I was gone?