The end.

Well...it's official.

As of the 25th of January, I'm divorced.

It's kind of bittersweet...like chocolate.

Not-so-random thought...

Sometimes, we are so miserable that we search frantically for a reason to leave. When we fail to find one, we make one--faulting the other person--so that we still look like the "good guy".

"Sometimes I wish you cheated on me. Then leaving here would be so easy.--'Better Sorry than Safe'-Halestorm"

At some point, we have to man-(or woman-)up. We are responsible for our own happiness.
I, too, have been guilty of doing just that. However, I stepped up and took responsibility for my own happiness. It's time for some others to do the same.

Grow up. You have children to think about.

Cupcake for your thoughts?


Oh what a tangled web...

What on earth have I gotten myself into?!

Sit tight, y'all. I'm coming back!



Moving the fuck on...?

I think I'm doing considerably well...but sometimes...on shitty days like today...I miss my friend. So bad that it hurts. And I cry. And I hate myself.

...just a little...
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These boots were made for ridin'...

I have fallen...

My decent into "redneckery" all began...well...truthfully a few months back...but I got a nice shove Saturday morning when I went boot shopping with Moe & Cara. I wasn't going to buy any...I was just there for moral support and to try on for fun.

I found a pair of Ariat ProBaby's in my size, and tried one on. Limping around with one boot and one converse sneaker on, my sister tells me, "You can't really get a feel unless you put both on and walk in them." Thanks alot, Cara. Thank you... I put them on...and didn't take them off until it was time to take a shower.

And then I put them on with shorts. Haha!

I justify my purchase with: Everyone should own at least one pair of boots. & They were on sale! Never you mind the fact that I bought a pair of pink camo boots.

Riding boots. ;) "I'm not a cowgirl, but you know I know how to hold on and ride like the rodeo." Love me some Colt Ford!

So, of course...now that Moe & I had new boots, we decided we had to "go out with our boots on".  The original plan was to go eat at Fat Mama's and then go back to The Dock on Lake St. John. Then we decided to go to Bowie's instead of The Dock because Framing the Red was playing, and we know some of the guys in the band.

We loaded 7 people into my brother's truck and headed out...only to barely make it down the gravel road before he realized he didn't have his wallet....so back we go. Forty-five minutes later, I find the wallet underneath the pillows on his bed....I have no idea.

By the time we make it to Vidalia, we go through the McDonald's drive-thru and order 14 double cheese burgers and 3 drinks. While we were waiting on our food, they decided we'd go to a party out in Kingston (i.e. BFE). Moe & I were the only ones that had never been to a "Kingston Party" and they were building it way up. We were both very disappointed.

After everyone else was mildly drunk, we loaded up and went to "the club"....which is this backwoods bar out in the middle of fuh-reaking no where, Mississippi. Once there, we pretty much had to get our drink on the be able to tolerate it. My brother entertained us with karaoke most of the night, and we all danced to our little hearts' content...except JC...who took an intermission...at the bar. L-O-S-E-R!! (but at least he's a cute loser...I love his drunk eyes.)

About 2AM, we headed home, slaughtered a deer with Ray's truck, went back and got said deer, stopped at Dodge's for chicken & corndogs, and made it home about 3:30. At which time, Ray & JC had to gut our roadkill deer and coax the dog inside so she wouldn't drag it off before they could get it skinned and cleaned up.

"We do it different around here, that's right, but we sho' do it good and we do it all night."

I think we probably all finally passed out a little after 4, and nobody stirred until I woke up at around 11:30.

Crazy nights & lazy days with my little family.

I'm a pretty happy girl.



New Year. New Rules.

Remember how I said I was gearing up for this huge post about something that's been on my mind?

I was going to write about this 13+ year friendship that managed to dissolve into nothing after I left my husband and said friend decided to be more "loyal" to him. Perhaps loyal isn't the correct word...I dunno...They were friends. They're still friends. We were friends. Now we are not.

Please understand...I have no problems with them being friends. I might have at one time, but by the time I made up my mind that I was leaving, I had long since been over it. Even the day I left, I sent him to talk to her because he hadn't had anyone to talk to, and I didn't think that was fair. I really can be a nice girl.

I'm just going to say this much: If the tables were turned...I would have made an attempt to contact you and see how you were doing...before I knocked on the door and spent the night at your husband's house, a week after you moved out.

I'm just sayin'...

I've decided to take Tupac's advice and "Move the fuck on." Really, I already have...people just keep asking me about our friendship lately for some reason. Those people don't read this blog (that I know of), so addressing it here really has no point.

As I've stated before, this is the year for living...not in the past, but in the moment. I'm ready for new mistakes...I know I'll make them...chalk it up to life experience and "move the fuck on".

Honesty was my resolution...Let's see how many feelings I can step on.

Happy New Year! I hope all my sweet little sprinkles are ticking along quite nicely!